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Growth and Development

To promote the growth and development of the Association and the well-being of its members.

Cooperate to Similar Aims

To cooperate with or affiliate to, other organized bodies with similar aims.

Promote Research

To promote research into and provide information upon, the social economic and academic activities of Jamaicans in the United Kingdom.


Year of foundation


Years of independence


Gained independence

Jamaica Youth Programme
One of Jamaica’s largest and most successful youth employment programs, has now become a charitable organization that is continuing to expand its work with Jamaican youth. other educational institutions.

Our Work

Following a lifecycle approach,  The Association of Jamaicans (UK) trust works intensively through focused welfare projects in four major areas – child education, healthcare for families, skills training and livelihood for youth, and community engagement through women empowerment.

Dear Friends,

First, let me just say, thank you!

Your donation to our #Gift of Hope Fundraising Campaign, of grants and other support of our programmes means so much to us and the children and families we serve. Because of you, we continue to make a difference in the lives of children who are neglected, excluded and marginalized in Jamaica……… Founder, President

Nathan Ebanks Foundation.

Good Evening Ms. Witter,

I apologize for the delay, it is wonderful to hear from you again. I hope you’re well.
We received a transfer from your organization for $555 USD.

I would like to sincerely thank you for your generous donation and efforts in raising this funding………..

Executive Director
National Youth Orchestra of Jamaica


To improve the quality of life for Jamaicans in the diaspora and Jamaica.

Membership of the Association is open to all Jamaicans,their relative and their descendants, provided they accept the Aims and of the Association.