The Association of Jamaicans (UK) Trust | WINDRUSH
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Our charitable organisation started in 1973 and was one of the first Jamaican organisations to be founded as many of our descendants arrived in the UK (via the Windrush 1948) and found a need to come together and support one another over the years.

Every year we attend Windrush activities & this year we did the same whilst also hosting our own event.


On Sunday 26th June 2022, The AOJUK held a ‘Windrush Thanksgiving Family Meal’, an initiative started by The Reach Society where they and we, hope to one day make ‘Windrush Day’ (Sunday 26th June) a national celebration. We invite members of our charity and others to share a meal with us and some members shared their experiences of the Windrush with us with questions and answers from the attendees.