About Us - The Association of Jamaicans (UK) Trust
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About Us

About Us

The Association of Jamaicans (UK) Trust is considered the oldest Jamaican voluntary social welfare organisation in the United Kingdom.


Shortly after Jamaica gained its Independence in August 1962 the Jamaica High Commission in London was set up. The newly appointed High Commissioner Sir Laurence Lindo and his staff discussed the practical advantages that would be derived from the setting up of an organisation within the Jamaican Community to act as a liaising body with the High Commission on all issues of a social, economic or cultural nature affecting the life of the Jamaican community in the United Kingdom.


A number of pioneering worthies were accordingly summoned to a meeting chaired by the deputy High Commissioner Mr. Reginald Phillips. After much deliberations and discussions, The Association of Jamaicans was founded in October 1962. The Trust was later added, hence our name ‘The Association of Jamaicans UK Trust – ‘AOJUK’


As an organisation we are happy to be celebrating 60 years since established and we take pleasure in doing so alongside Jamaica’s anniversary of independence.



To improve the quality of life for Jamaicans including the UK diaspora.



Our Mission is to: 
  • Provide high quality support and advocacy for Jamaicans in the UK
  • Share information and knowledge with the Jamaican High Commission, other organisations and individuals, which foster cooperation in responding to the needs of Jamaicans
  • Raise funds and provide financial support to fellow Jamaicans in our native homeland.


To achieve this mission we will:


  • Manage the charity in a professional and business- like way, in accordance with the high standards of governance, and exercise effective stewardship of our financial and other assets to protect our inheritance and secure our long-term future of the charity
History & Background

Over the years AOJUK has supported a number of causes here in the UK and in Jamaica


We have a close relationship with the High Commission’s office and would be the first point of call in the support of events such as national disasters in Jamaica.

We provide financial support for individuals who have met with difficulties whilst in the UK.

AOJUK has more recently supported the following organisations:

  • St Andrews Home for Girls
  • Professor Golding Rehabilitation Centre
  • The Nathan Ebanks Foundation
  • The Jamaica National Youth Orchestra (outreach programme)

We will continue to support this outreach programme in the foreseeable future. The funds raised from our Classical concert, is in support of the programme.